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First Aid Tips For Common Eye Injuries

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When it comes to common eye injuries and ensuring that your eyes are always healthy, it takes more than a passing remark. There are times that people risk eye injuries without even knowing they are doing so. When you work in a hazardous environment, it is important to protect your eyes with the use of protective eyewear. This way, you can minimize cases of eye cuts, chemical splash and other risky mishaps. However, if even after these precautionary measures you sustain injury to your eyes, you should know what next step to take in order to minimize the harm caused to your eyes.

First Aid For Eye Cuts And Injuries

This type of injury requires prompt and expert attention from an optometrist. If you are unfortunate to get a cut or puncture on your eye, here are some of the first aid tips you should adhere to:

  • Don’t attempt to remove any stuck particles
  • Don’t attempt washing the eye
  • Don’t rub the eye
  • Cover with a rigid and circular object without applying pressure to the wound or cut
  • Hold the protective covering in place with the use of tape
  • Go to an eye doctor immediately

Removing Objects From The Eyes

No matter how tiny a particle might be, you are bound to be very uncomfortable when the tiniest grain of sand or the tiniest insect gets into your eye. Here are some of the things you should know when this happens. They are:

  • Avoid rubbing your eye so that you don’t hurt your cornea
  • Don’t attempt removing the particle if embedded in your eye
  • Allow the tears to flow since they help in getting foreign bodies out of the eye
  • Try using water to flush the foreign body out of your eye
  • Non-embedded particles should only be removed with the use of dampened cotton swab
  • See an eye doctor if the particle is not out with these steps

Flushing Chemicals From The Eyes

Whether it is in the work environment or at home, there are times that accidents involving chemicals take place. Should such splash get into the eyes, it is important that the right first aid is carried out before access to an eye physician. Some of the things to know include but not limited to the following:

  • Flush the affected eye immediately with clean water
  • Avoid putting any object over the eye or covering it
  • Staying underneath a showerhead with the injured eye kept open would guarantee proper and prompt flush out of chemical from the affected eye
  • Don’t rub the eye while it is being flushed
  • See an eye physician immediately

Whatever the case is, it is always a good move to have a specialist examine your eyes after it has sustained an injury.

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